Lowes rubber rooftop coating for $10,000 Australian dollar

Lowes Rubber Roof Coating is one of the best available options for a roof coating.

The coating is rated to last up to 10 years in most climates.

With its low price tag, it’s perfect for a new home or a retro home.

Here’s how to install it in your home: Step 1.

Cut the strip into 1cm thick strips.

This will allow you to install the coating.

Step 2.

Remove the panel from the roof and attach it to the existing panels with a pair of zip ties.

Step 3.

Secure the panels with duct tape, a screwdriver or your preferred method.

Step 4.

Remove any debris or paint that may have accumulated from the previous installation.

Step 5.

Paint the roof coatings white or black to match the existing roof.

Step 6.

Paint a new, shiny paint coat with the same color as the previous coat.

Step 7.

Secure your new roof with duct-tape.

Step 8.

Seal the existing panel with duct cement.

Step 9.

Let the paint dry completely before installing.