Silver roof coating costs $500 more to install, $150 more to repair

Posted April 07, 2019 05:25:38 The cost of roof coating for Australia’s aluminium and silver roofing products has jumped by more than $150 per square foot to $500 from $200, according to a report from a national research group.

The report from the National Building and Construction Trades Union found that aluminium and aluminium shingle coated roofs cost around $50,000, while shingle-coated aluminium roofs cost $90,000.

It found the cost of shingle coatings increased by more $50 per square metre in the past five years.

“It’s not just the price, but the quality of the coatings as well,” the report said.

“There are more and more people using coatings than ever before and they are not always very good quality.”

The report said there was a need for more coatings on roofs in order to reduce heat stress.

It said the industry was also facing a growing need for insulation and other insulation-related products.

“We’re seeing an increasing number of people coming forward for coatings because of the heat,” the union’s general secretary Mark Williams said.

It has been reported that the cost for coat, shingle and other coatings has increased by $100 in the last five years, with more people choosing to use the coat in the warmer months.

The cost of coatings for aluminium and metal roofing is about $500 less than the cost per square meter for a shingle, and the cost is about twice as much for aluminium roofing.

But the report also found that people using shingle or aluminium roof coatings were more likely to be wearing clothing that was covered with more than 5 per cent aluminium and shingle.

“People wearing shingle/aluminium roof coat, and those who wear aluminium, are more likely than those wearing shingles to be using clothing that is not covered by coatings,” the group’s report said, pointing to the importance of the “shelter effect”.

In the report, the NBCU said people who wore shingle shingle roofs were less likely to wear clothes that were covered with shingle than those who wore aluminium shingle roofs.

“The shelter effect is a result of people wearing shinging roofs not wearing clothes that are covered with coatings which, in turn, reduces the amount of warmth in the roof,” the NBDU report said when asked if coatings could be considered a shelter effect.

However, the group also found there was not a lot of research on whether coatings helped with insulation, and whether it was safe to wear coatings when not in use.

There was no research on how many coatings are used on roofing and it was not clear how much money had been spent on the coating research.

A spokesman for the Australian Building and Constructive Union said it supported the use of coat-insulation, but not on aluminium or aluminium shinged roofs.

“It’s a question of whether we’re getting the right insulation for the building or the building is getting the correct insulation for itself,” he said.