Arizona’s top 10 worst roof coatings

Arizona’s roof coaters say they’re facing an epidemic of rust in their industry, with some claiming that up to 20 percent of the state’s roof coating is leaking.

The Arizona Republic reported Wednesday that roof coater Brian Poulton said he’s received reports of roofs leaking from Arizona’s largest roofing company, GECCO, as well as several other roofing companies.

He told the paper that he’s been told the state has “almost doubled the number of leaks” in his industry since 2009, with at least 20 percent reported as of this past year.

Arizona’s roof manufacturers use various types of coatings on their roofs, with many products having been developed for different roof styles and climates.

The coatings are usually designed to protect the roof from damage caused by rain, snow and ice.

Poulson said he believes some of the coatings, such as the aluminum one he used in his roof, could be causing roofs to leak.

“The aluminum roof is designed to absorb water and then dry,” Poulons company said in a statement to the Republic.

“In order to keep it from drying, it has to have a good bond to the metal, which means it’s brittle.”

While some manufacturers claim that the aluminum coating they use is a “miracle” material, Poulsons company’s website says it is “not a miracle” and “does not last long.”

The company has already seen its own roofs leaked in recent years.

In 2011, Poulsons company was accused of using a material that it says is “non-ferrous,” and was ordered to fix up any leaks.

But Poultons company is still facing lawsuits from other roof coatmakers and a state audit.

Poulson said he is working with a third party company to make sure the aluminum coatings aren’t leaking.

“I’ve gotten more calls from customers than I can count, and we’ve had to put a lot of pressure on our roofing suppliers to make them fix it,” Poulston told the Republic, adding that it is currently working with GECCOM to get the coaters coatings replaced.