A flat roof coating for Camper Racks

The new roof coating in Camper trucks is a lot of fun, and I’m really excited about how it turns out.

The coating on the truck is a new material that has been in use in a few years, but has not been tested extensively.

The company that makes the coating says that the coating has been proven to provide a more durable and waterproofing than the material used in previous trucks. 

Aflatite is an abrasive that is used to remove oil and grease from steel structures. 

“Aflatites have been used for a long time to remove rust and oil from steel structural components,” the company said.

“The material’s low melting point, low temperature and high melting point have allowed it to withstand harsh weather conditions and its long shelf life makes it ideal for use in applications such as vehicle roofs and doorframes.

The unique coating technology used in this coatings makes it easy for people to apply and quickly wipe off a layer of aflatite with a rag or wet cloth, allowing for a quick clean up and a clean vehicle.” 

For some people, aflatites can be too abrasive.

The coatings are designed to be applied to flat surfaces, such as the outside of a doorframe. 

Camper Rack Company says it has found that people like the coatings on their Camper vans because they are quick and easy to wipe off, and because they do not affect the paint surface or the way the material is applied.

The paint will remain on the roof after a coat and you can use the same spray for your vehicle as you would on your vehicle.

The coating is not the only coating that has come out of the trucking industry this year.

Aflatite-based coatings have also been used on several different kinds of vehicles, including trucks that have a roof, like the Camper and the Jeep Wrangler. 

The company that made the coating, Avanti, said it hopes to have more on the Cammer and Jeep Wranglers before the end of the year. 

There is no word on whether this coating is available for use on all Camper vehicles, but the company did say that it would be available on some models. 

For now, you can check out a video of the coating in action. 

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