When the roof coatings come off, they can be as costly as a new roof

NFL News is reporting that a major new roof coating coating for NFL stadiums may be so costly that teams could end up spending millions of dollars just to get it off.

The NFL is using a new coating for the exterior of its stadiums to help it withstand the weather.

The coating uses a process called nanosilver that has been shown to reduce the friction caused by heat and dust.

The new coating is meant to help protect the surface from weather damage caused by the weather itself.

The league says the coating is designed to keep the stadium from cracking and to make it easier to clean up after the game.

It says the process, called nanoscale surface plating, is also meant to minimize damage from moisture and contaminants on the field.

However, it’s possible that this coating could prove costly, and it could lead to a potential drop in attendance as the weather becomes less frequent.

The coating is not being tested for performance, but if it does prove to be costly, the NFL says it will not be the first NFL team to use it.

The NFL last used nanoscales for its stadiums in 2010, after a series of storms and flooding in New York City that destroyed several stadiums and caused $10 million in damage.

That’s not the first time the league has used the nanosilent coating.

Earlier this year, the league started using a similar coating to protect its stadiums, but the process was delayed after several problems with the coating.

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