The US Army has developed a “silicone roof coating” that can keep soldiers’ heads warm and helps them breathe more efficiently

US Army Special Forces soldiers are already used to wearing thermal protection gear on their helmets, but some of the military’s top leaders have begun using the same type of material on their protective equipment.US Army Special Operations Command has tested a new thermal coatings that are supposed to keep soldiers warm.

They are called snow roof coatings and they are supposed have “super-thermal properties” to help keep soldiers cool, a US Army spokesperson told NBC News. 

The technology, which is still in early stages, was developed by a team of US Army scientists and engineers at the Fort Detrick facility in Maryland.

They believe it will help keep troops from becoming hypothermic. 

“The insulation has an effective temperature that keeps you cool and comfortable,” said Dr. William H. Stowe, a researcher with the Army Special Warfare Command’s Office of Science.

Stowe said the technology is designed to be “extremely thin and flexible,” which makes it a great choice for soldiers who are deployed to cold climates, such as Afghanistan or Iraq.

The new coating was developed as part of the Army’s Cold Weather Protection Program, which aims to protect troops and equipment in cold weather, especially for the long-term.

It is also meant to help soldiers keep warm in the face of extreme weather, like heat waves.

The US Army, which has a lot of soldiers in the field, is experimenting with different types of thermal protection for soldiers.

In Afghanistan, soldiers were tested using a coating that was thicker and thinner and then sprayed with a spray foam.

It also had a coating made from a plastic foam that was coated with an oil-based material.

Stoe said that the Army hopes the new coatings will work well in some cold environments and in other areas, but that the team is still working to get it right.

“There is a lot more work to be done,” Stowe said.

“There are so many things that are still to be figured out.”

Stowe hopes the technology will help protect troops in cold climates from heat waves and the heat of the sun, but it’s also meant for soldiers in cold temperatures where the air is colder and the temperature is lower. 

One of the problems soldiers have with the technology has been the fact that the soldiers are exposed to heat.

Stoe said the new technology has a cooling effect, which could help reduce the heat on soldiers’ bodies. 

While the new thermal coating has been tested on soldiers, there is still a lot that needs to be understood about how it works and what it will do to the soldiers.

For example, it could also be used for soldiers to protect against infection and other diseases. 

In the US, a large number of soldiers are diagnosed with a range of illnesses like cancer, heart disease, arthritis and more.

“It’s important to note that the technology hasn’t been tested for soldiers, so we have to be careful with that,” said Stowe.

“But in many ways, it’s a very promising technology that’s going to help us better protect our soldiers and also the troops around them,” he said.

Stow said that one of the things that he hopes to see happen is that the US Army develops more and more technologies to help combat the effects of climate change, and eventually, the technology could be applied to other military applications, such the Army Reserve.

“The military needs to look at these technologies as a part of that larger climate change effort,” Stoe told NBC.

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