The best and worst iPhone 7 cases

The best iPhone 7 case is probably the aluminum one.

It’s so much nicer than the plastic ones that Apple chose.

But that’s just a personal preference.

The best Apple iPhone 7 Case: The Aluminum iPhone 7 Pros and Cons Pros: Apple iPhone SE Pros: The screen is bright and vibrant, and the screen can be flipped to show the iPhone’s backside, allowing you to flip it to show its side.

Apple iPhone X Pros: No one will argue that the iPhone SE has better screen real estate than the iPhone X, but it doesn’t offer nearly the same level of screen realness.

The iPhone X is much more of a portrait device.

The screen isn’t as bright as the iPhone 7, but its sharpness and clarity is better.

The color and contrast are also better.

Cons: Apple does not include an anti-reflective coating on the back of the iPhone.

If you don’t want to use a protective case, you may want to opt for the Apple iPhone 8, which has an anti and reflective coating.

Apple also has an extra layer of back and side protection.

Apple iPad Pros: A large screen is great for reading and watching movies, but Apple has made the iPad Pro even more of an entertainment device.

It has the same screen size, resolution, and color temperature as the iPad Air, but with a much higher resolution of 1680×1050 pixels and the ability to support 4K video.

The top row of buttons and ports can be used for more than one iPad, and you can customize the design to suit your needs.

The only downside is that you have to purchase an extra $99 for the extra iPad Pro.

Pros: More ports Cons: The iPad Pro is a lot bigger than the iPad 7 Pros, and it requires a bigger dock.

The dock is a bit flimsy.

It can’t hold all of the iPad Pros accessories.

The front and back cover plates are not removable.

The Apple Pencil is a nice accessory, but you can’t use it with the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6.

Pros and cons Pros: An extra battery and more ports Cons

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