How to get the most out of a black roof coating

By David Zalubowski/Financial Post staffThis article has been updated to include comment from a spokesman for the company.

The National Black Roof Coating Association of America is a trade association for black roof coatings.

It was formed in 2016 to encourage black roofers to use black roofing.

“We don’t recommend any particular brand,” the association said in an email.

However, it does recommend a certain coatings type, said Dr. Charles Kwan, president of the association and a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

A typical coatings product can range from coatings that are stronger and more durable to coatings used on older buildings and structures.

It also requires that the roof be built to the highest structural and thermal standards.

Black roofs are not common in the United States, but are now common in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, where people in wealthy nations spend much of their time outdoors.

In the United Kingdom, black roofs have been in the spotlight for a few years because of concerns about their impact on air quality.

While black roofs can be a boon to your home, they may not always be the best choice.

“I’d recommend you look at the type of roof you are buying, the type and quality of coatings you are going to be using, and what you are looking for in terms of durability,” said Dr Kwan.

For example, a roof made of tempered glass or steel might be better than a roof with glass, he said.

And the best roof is the one you buy, said Doug Beers, a retired roofing contractor from the Philadelphia area.

“You will get the best value out of it, but I can’t guarantee it,” he said, adding that it’s always better to look for the most expensive options.

“If you want something that is going to last a lifetime, then the cheaper option is to get a new roof,” Beers said.

“You’ll save money in the long run.”

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