Lowes roof coatings and trailer roof coating for a less expensive but more stylish look

The company has released a new trailer roof coater with two coatings.

The Lowes Roof Coatings and Trailers Limited edition is a high-quality trailer roof and trailer coatings product for home and office use.

The coatings are both water and silicone based.

The spray coating has a spray rate of 60% and is recommended for high humidity conditions.

The Lowes logo is also included on the package.

This product is priced at $25.99 per spray coat, $14.99 for 2 coats and $6.99 each for a total of $40.00.

It comes with a sprayer, two sprayers and two spray tubes.

The price includes a free Lowes Home & Garden Cleaner.

You can get Lowes products at lowes.com and Amazon.com.