Aluminum Roof Coating Is ‘Not Safe For Pets’

Posted October 10, 2018 07:01:31 The use of aluminum roof coating in residential buildings is still controversial.

The coating is considered unsafe because it is toxic to dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals.

According to the American Kennel Club, aluminum roof coatings are used in nearly 1,000 residential buildings and buildings in rural areas and in commercial buildings for landscaping.

In many cases, the coatings contain other toxic substances, such as mercury.

“There’s no science to back up the claims that aluminum is a good roofing material, but it’s a pretty popular coating in homes,” said Jessica Osterholm, a certified organic dog breeder and co-owner of Petco.

“The problem is it’s still in the market and there are companies that are making it out there.”

The American Kennedys says the coat is toxic and should be avoided, because it can cause lung cancer in dogs and other pets.

But there are other reasons to avoid aluminum roofing.

Aluminum is a byproduct of the production of steel and concrete.

“It’s a by-product of steel production, so it’s used in some industrial applications where there are steel pipes that are used to transport cement,” said Lisa Koester, the director of the American Humane Association’s consumer program.

“Aluminum is used in other products that are often more toxic, like aluminum-containing plastics and paints.”

Aluminum roof coating companies say their coatings have minimal toxic content.

In addition to its inherent toxicity, aluminum is also a by product of the construction of buildings.

“All of these coatings that are being sold in the marketplace are products that have been constructed on aluminum roofs,” said Osterwald.

“They’re being used in commercial construction and residential buildings.

So aluminum is still being used on these buildings.”

If you have any questions about the safety of aluminum coatings, you can contact the American Animal Hospital Association, the American Veterinary Medical Association or the American Society of Plumbing and Pipefitters.

A list of residential roofing companies can be found here.

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