Why are roofing coatings the only thing I don’t want to have on my roof?

The majority of the time, I am using flat roofs.

If you’ve ever had to move or rearrange a lot of things around, it is very common for a flat roof to need to be replaced or repainted.

It can be very costly.

I know that I have a few flat roofs that are not covered with reflective roof coating. 

My question is why? 

How much do flat roofs cost? 

I’ve been researching this topic on this blog for a while and have finally found some solid data on the subject. 

Here are the top costs per square foot for flat roofs: Roof Insulation for a 20-story structure: $0.99 per square feet Roof Insulating for a 10-story building: $1.24 per square yards Roof Insulate for a 6-story residential building: $1.95 per square miles (source: Urban Moving Solutions) The reason I want to keep this to the 20-floor example, I don´t want to make it sound like I am getting free money from my flat roof.

It is expensive to repaint or replace flat roofs and the costs add up.

It does cost more to install a roof than it does to paint or seal the roof. 

If you don´T want to buy a flat roofs, you can use roof insulating materials such as plywood, vinyl or metal sheeting, which is cheap and easy to install. 

But these roof insulations are very susceptible to the elements.

I am currently using the FogGuard Roof Insulator which has a 2 year warranty and a low cost, lightweight design. 

This product is easy to put on, secure and use.

I also like to use the product to seal up the windows in my home, but if I do not have a lot to seal, I will use the spray foam sealer to seal the window. 

The fogguard product will work well on a 15-foot by 15-foot area or about 2.5 square feet. 

For a more complete breakdown of the cost per square inch for flat roofing, click here. 

What do you think? 

Is there a better option for flat-roofing than the fogguard? 

Are you a roofer or homeowner who wants to protect your roof with something other than paint and sealant?