How to protect your home against the new water pollution

The latest threat to the world’s water supply is not the drought.

It’s the industrial chemicals used in manufacturing, which can cause serious health effects and the breakdown of the Earth’s ozone layer.

The chemicals used to make these products are known as coatings and are also found in a range of household products, including some high-end clothing.

This new water contamination has also been linked to a number of other chemicals that are not water-based, such as pesticides and fungicides.

So how can we prevent it?

Here are five tips.


Make sure you use only safe, non-toxic coatings.

This applies particularly to indoor and outdoor use of household chemicals, such a pesticides, fungicides and even household cleaners.


Always use an effective cleaning product.

If you don’t know which household cleaning product is safe for you, you should try one of the recommended ones.

These include water- and chlorine-based cleaners.


Use household bleach and household detergents regularly to kill off bacteria.


Avoid using household detergent containing chlorhexidine.

This has been linked with serious health problems in some countries, and can be harmful to your kidneys and liver.


Make your home safer.

Always make sure your home has the proper equipment and cleaning supplies.

Use a chemical-free filter and never use household bleach in your home.

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