How to avoid getting a busted windbreaker from a helmet jacker

In the aftermath of the NFL’s concussion settlement, the league has been under pressure to do something about head trauma in the game.

While that’s not going to happen, it does seem likely that the league will soon implement a helmet-jacking rule.

In 2014, New England Patriots safety Devin McCourty was ejected from a game for tackling New York Jets cornerback Brandon Browner.

When McCoury’s helmet broke, Browner was able to knock McCourties head into the turf before he could get up and run away.

A helmet-jacking rule would make it a felony for a helmet jacker to purposely knock a helmet off of a player and get away with it.

A helmet jacking penalty could also apply to helmet-chipping penalties, which could result in the NFL instituting a one-game suspension for each offense.

The helmet-jamming rule could be a boon for NFL players who are hit by a helmet.

They have a chance to collect insurance money against a helmet injury.

If a helmet gets damaged in a helmet jammer, the helmet owner can collect the money.

But a helmet owner is unlikely to be able to collect all of the money if the player is suspended for multiple games.

There’s also the potential for the NFL to institute a helmet ejection rule, which would make the helmet-jarring penalty a felony.

A player would need to be ejected for the helmet jamming rule to apply.

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