Why do some homes need roof coating?

A new study from researchers at Cornell University found that some homes were built with roof coating to help protect against hail and water damage.

In some cases, roof coatings helped to reduce the amount of water in the water, and in others, they helped reduce the size of hail.

The study was published online Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change.

The researchers also found that homes built with a roof coating in the United States are more likely to suffer from flooding and other damages, with more than half of homes built since 2010 showing signs of water damage in the winter months.

The research also found some homes built before the 1990s were less likely to be affected by hail and flooding than newer homes built after 2010.

Researchers say it’s important to remember that there’s a lot of variation in the way hail and other storm-related damages are measured.

They say that the measurement of hail damage, and the severity of it, varies depending on the location and season.

Some studies have found that roofs may increase the amount or severity of hail, but others have found no correlation between roof coat and hail damage.

It’s also important to note that the researchers didn’t measure how much damage or how long the hail lasted.

This was because the study was conducted over the course of only two years.

However, this is common in large-scale studies that are conducted over a long period of time.

The Cornell researchers also looked at roof-based protection, or roof-top protection.

The new study found that homeowners who installed roofs before the 1940s had a 30 percent reduction in hail damage compared with homeowners who didn’t install roofs.

The same is true for homeowners who built their homes before 2010.

The roof coat on new homes is not enough to protect against storm damage, but it can help, said study author Emily H. Harkness, an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at Cornell.

“If you want to protect from hail and flood damage, it’s not enough for homeowners to put a roof on, it has to be a protective coating, so you need a roof,” Harkess said.

“So if you don’t have a roof, you need to have some kind of roof.”

The researchers found that while roof coating has a direct impact on hail damage (i.e. it reduces the amount and severity of water) it also has indirect effects on the severity and duration of hail and the length of time it lasts.

They used the data from more than 1,000 homeowners who had a roof covering built between 2007 and 2010 and examined the cumulative number of hail days over the period.

While the researchers found a direct correlation between the amount a homeowner is able to install a roof and the amount that they can withstand the effects of hail in the year, they also found a correlation between how long a homeowner was able to weather the hail and how long it lasts after the hail has stopped.

Hainting, flooding and hail are some of the worst weather conditions, said Harkes.

In addition to being an important tool in protecting against hail damage in your home, roof coating can also help protect other homes from other types of damage.

For example, if you have a building with multiple floors and/or roof, roof covering can protect against the impact of a fall from one floor and/ or damage to the other floors.

Roof covering can also be useful for preventing fire damage to structures, such as sheds or chimneys, which can cause damage to other structures in the building.

A roof cover can also reduce the possibility of damage to your home during a hurricane or other major disaster, said Cornell professor of environmental engineering James M. O’Hara.

In this case, O’hara said, the homeowners need to do more than install a single roof cover.

They need to build the proper structure to support that roof cover and also make sure it’s secure enough to withstand the storm, so that it doesn’t fall on the property.

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