What you need to know about snow and ice covering on Australian roads

The Government has been under increasing pressure to make the nation’s roads more resilient against snow and cold.

The issue is likely to be addressed in a national Snow Weather Strategy this year.

Here are the key points: A Snow Weather Action Plan is a set of national strategies that outlines what measures need to be taken to ensure roads remain safe and comfortable for drivers and pedestrians.

The Government is also considering a plan to increase snow-related road closures and penalties.

These measures are not new.

The Australian Capital Territory has also implemented Snow Weather Emergency Orders (SEOs) since 2012.

These were introduced to allow councils to restrict the flow of snow through parts of the Territory during severe weather events.

The SEOs were designed to ensure the State Government does not impose unnecessary road closures, but it also allows the Territory Government to take measures to keep the roads safe during periods of severe weather.

The NSW Government has also taken similar steps, with more than 100 SEOs implemented across the state.

These actions have reduced the likelihood of snowfall causing road closures in some areas, and have allowed some roads to reopen.

These include the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney CBD and the Sydney Airport.

A new Snow Weather Environment Action Plan (SEAP) was published by the State in September 2017, which outlines the Government’s objectives in the area of snow weather and the steps that will be taken in the future to reduce or avoid the occurrence of severe snowstorms.

These objectives include the following: The Government will seek to minimise the impact of snow on people and property and maintain the status quo in terms of the ability of roads to withstand snowfall and ice.

The plan also sets out measures to address the impacts of severe winter weather events on people living and working in the affected area.

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