Roof coatings to prevent fires and save lives in Texas

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Roof coat, which can keep your home safe during a fire, will soon be available at gas stations across the Lone Star State.

The Texas Railroad Commission said Monday it has granted permits to four manufacturers to start production of the coating, known as “roof coating” because of its ability to trap the smoke and other gases from fires.

The companies will have to test the coating before it’s distributed.

The products will be sold in gas stations, convenience stores and restaurants in Texas and around the nation.

The TRC has issued a temporary license for two of the four companies to start the business, according to commission spokeswoman Heather Paine.

They’re in the process of setting up production sites, Paine said.

The license allows the TRC to license and control the company and set their manufacturing process, she said.

The TRC is not allowed to license or control the manufacturer.

The license was granted after the TSC heard from about 20 fire departments and safety advocates who urged the commission to allow the business to operate.

The companies that already have licenses to produce the coating are making about 1 million coats a year, Pain said.

They were all notified by the commission in August about their applications for licenses.

The commission approved the applications on Sept. 10.

The coatings, which are a material used to protect windows and doors, are made by three companies, according a news release from the commission.

The products are meant to be used in residential buildings, commercial buildings, apartment buildings and schools.

The coating is made by a company in San Antonio, the release said.

Tequila, a brand of alcoholic drinks, will be one of the first products to go into use.

The company says the coating is environmentally friendly and safe.

The other two products are from Texas Instruments, a maker of consumer electronics, and a company based in New Mexico.

The Texas Railroad commission will issue an order for the products to be distributed to Texas retailers, the commission said.© Copyright 2018 The Associated Press.

All rights reserved.

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.

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