How to rustoleums roof coating tussles with an insulating coat

The tussle between the insulating coating on your roof and the insulator’s ability to keep you warm and dry on a hot summer day could be the reason you need to replace it. 

Rustoleum is one of the oldest roofs in the United States, and it has been around for decades, but its insulating material has become more expensive over the years. 

It is now being replaced in the state of Arizona with an insulated roof coating called RoofCoat, which is actually made by an Australian company. 

According to the company’s website, RoofCoats insulation is more insulating than traditional insulating materials like polyester, but it is not as flexible as a typical polyester.

It can be very effective at keeping your roof temperature and humidity up when the sun is shining, but if it becomes too rigid it becomes more susceptible to leaks and damage. 

Roxane, an insulator manufacturer, has released an online video demonstrating how to apply RoofCoate on your rustolems roof to help keep it warm and maintain a smooth finish. 

The video shows you how to take a sheet of fabric and apply it to the interior of your roof, which then takes a sheet and squeezes it into place over the insulators material.

Once applied, the insulations layer is applied with a small amount of water to help reduce the amount of heat transferred to your roof.

The video ends with a video showing the insulation coating being applied. 

If you do not have access to a good roofing company, this video can give you a great idea of how the insulates material will look on your roofs surface.

While it does take some trial and error, it should get you started on a new roof that you can be proud of. 

For more information about roofing insulations, check out our guide to roofing.

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